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Carol Noonan The Pleiadian Child

The Pleiadian Child


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Carol Ann Noonan is a naturally gifted psychic medium and clairvoyant since birth and has been a channel for The Pleiadians since early childhood. Carol has used her gifts for healing and helping others for many years, and is currently planning her second book on her channelled information from The Pleiadians.



“You do not wake up one day and suddenly say or announce to the world that you are
a channel for the Pleiadians, it is a long and personal journey of self-discovery"

The Pleiadian Child is Psychic Medium Carol Ann Noonan's first book and is part autobiography, part collection of channelled writings from The Pleiadians. From her childhood of poverty,
neglect and abuse, Carol found she had a Gift of communicating with Spirit and began to receive information from The Pleiadians: visions of Egypt and secret knowledge in the hidden chambers that lay buried beneath the Sphinx, The Halls of Learning, The Library of Alexandria, Rome, and Atlantis. At the age of 12, on the verge of committing suicide, she had an out-of-body experience with Jesus, saving her life and sharing many spiritual truths with her. When she left her traumatic home-life behind she began to channel The Pleiadians fully, revealing her purpose in life.

Carol's story is both harrowing and inspirational, and drawing strength from her connection with Spirit and The Pleiadians she has found peace through sharing her gifts to help and heal others. Through her channelled writings with The Pleiadians, she shares a positive message with Mankind giving insight on our history on Earth and our purpose in The Universe.

"We are not alone, we have never been alone, we do not come from Earth, we are the Ancient Aliens, we are The Pleiadians, we are the Children of Light".