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What Buddha Said: Selected Sayings & Quotes of Lord Buddha: Dr Purushothaman


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Even though all of us are aware about the Importance of Quotes, Quotations & Worthful Sayings of Great Thinkers, Spiritual Teachers & Guides in guiding us to lead a Purposeful, Happy & Peaceful Life, the Importance of Sree Buddha’s Teachings & Quotes is to be over-emphasized. Sree Buddha - the Noble, Novel & Enlightening name is known to the entire World. We all know how Siddhartha - the Prince became enlightened and shown the Ways & Means to get Freedom from Suffering & Miseries & to attain Self-realization. The impact of Buddhism & Buddhist teachings in the Heart & Minds of the entire Humanity is really unimaginable. Buddhism spread all over the World within a short period. Today, every earnest seeker to attain Self-realization & Enlightenment is very much interested in Buddha's Teachings & Sayings. Even though there are many Religions in the world, the impact of Buddhism is of paramount Importance. Buddha's teachings disclose the essence of Spirituality & it is really a Panacea & Elixir for a sincere Seeker. Here comes the importance of Buddha's Teachings & Sayings. Here we are presenting the best selected Quotes by Sree Buddha under the title “What Buddha Said” (Selected Saying & Quotes of Lord Buddha). Let all of us get enlightened by these Sayings & Quotes.