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Dr Ramesh Natu

Dr Ramesh Natu

  • Om Namah Shivaya

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  • Seekars Blog...

    I have recently completed 50 years of chanting ॐ नमः शिवाय. I would like to narrate my experience for large number of readers who are in double minds about religious practices, chanting any Mantra etc. in the given link on The Speaking Tree. Many a times there is no clarity about its effects on our daily life. Probably this write-up has made attempts to answer some of the questions. Further Religious practices as happening in India, background of starting chanting, effects of...  more
  • Rasamruta

    The mission of Rasamruta is to disseminate research information of Ayurveda for the benefit of Indian and Global community and to create awareness amongst the scientific community. This objective will not be fulfilled if the access to the journal is restricted by any means. Therefore we do not charge Authors for the publication of articles and also to our distinguished readers for viewing the articles.The articles can be viewed by all interested Researchers completely free of charge. However...  more
  • Effect of Jalaukavacharana in the management of Vatarakta...

    A case of 38 years old female diagnosed as a patient of Raynaud’s disease with no relief from modern medicine. The signs and symptoms of Raynaud’s disease were found similar to Vatarakta as per Ayurvedic literature. Due to changing life styles, dietary habits, excessive travelling and accidents, patients of Vatarakta are increasing rapidly. Vatarakta is one of the commonest life style disorder caused by vitiation of Rakta and Vata producing different types of signs and symptoms like joint...  more
  • Cancer Treatment by Advanced Naturopathy and Ozone Therap...

    A variety of cases were successfully treated with Naturopathy.It’s very painful and shocking to notice “The Nightmare of Radiation and Chemotherapy” patients go through, under the name of “Cancer Treatment” and while at the same time innumerable patients suffer merciless death! This seems to be an extremely regrettable and a sorry situation despite having natural remedies at our disposal. Thus, later on Nisarga-Sampada decided to concentrate on Cancer with special focus on Palliative...  more
  • Comparison of Shankha Bhasmas prepared by two different m...

    There are many Pranija Dravyas (drugs of animal origin) mentioned inAyurveda. Rasashastra mentioned some calcium rich Pranija Dravyas as Sudhavarga andShankha is one of them. Granthas metioned Marana of Shankha Nabhi by two methods i.e. Laghu Puta method and Gaja Puta method. As Ayurveda considers Agnimana ( heating pattern) is crucial in Bhasmikarana and specific Agnimana makes changes in Gunas of bhasma. Thus it is considered that laghu puta makes bhasma soumya( smooth) rather Gajaputa makes...  more
  • Ayurvedic Management of Post Burn Sequel

    Burn wounds are distressing to patient and their relatives as it has negative impact on psychological wellbeing. Disfigurement, wound contraction, restricted movements are the common post burn sequel and are best managed by employing Ayurvedic management such as Chedana [surgical excision], Lekhana [debridement], Ropana [wound healing therapies], Snehana [oleation] and Swedana [sudation]. Administration of wound cleansing and healing medications along with Ayurvedic rehabilitative regimen...  more
  • Rasayu Cancer Clinic

    Cancer patients frequently undergo extreme sufferings due to the symptoms of their disease and also a lot of uncertainty due to treatment with conventional anticancer drugs. Presently available anticancer drugs show high degree of toxicity and patients need hospitalization because of parenteral route of administration and also requirement of toxicity management.

    This problem has been addresed by Rasayu Cancer Clinic. Our medicines are prepared keeping patients comfort at core. All our...  more
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    Prostate cancer case study with improved Quality of Life