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Dr Ramesh Natu

Rasayu Cancer Clinic


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Cancer patients frequently undergo extreme sufferings due to the symptoms of their disease and also a lot of uncertainty due to treatment with conventional anticancer drugs. Presently available anticancer drugs show high degree of toxicity and patients need hospitalization because of parenteral route of administration and also requirement of toxicity management.

This problem has been addresed by Rasayu Cancer Clinic. Our medicines are prepared keeping patients comfort at core. All our medicines are to be administered orally and hence no hospitalisation is needed. Our medicines are packaged in capsules thus not only standardizing the dose but it also makes it easy to carry. All our medicines are very much palatable and hence patients actually enjoy taking the medicines. Moreover none of our medicines show any sort of toxicity or side effects, rather data demonstrates that it improves patients quality of life within a few days of starting our medicines.