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Dr Ramesh Natu

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Indian Practices

I have recently completed 50 years of chanting ॐ नमः शिवाय. I would like to narrate my experience for large number of readers who are in double minds about religious practices, chanting any Mantra etc. in the given link on The Speaking Tree. Many a times there is no clarity about its effects on our daily life. Probably this write-up has made attempts to answer some of the questions. Further Religious practices as happening in India, background of starting chanting, effects of sustained chanting and how continuity of practice helped is discussed. The results may vary from person to person and as per the correctness of the practices. The mantra chanting practice will help to develop the habit of focused efforts and will keep an individual on track leading to restore the balance or centeredness of the brain. It is felt that Chanting, Yoga and Philosophy are somehow interrelated as observed and motivates to develop a rational and scientifically oriented mind.