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Sadhu Vaswani Mission

Control it, before it controls you! - YouTube


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March 24th 2019, Evening- Bridge Builders Youth Event on Anger and How to Control It.
Anger is a great destroyer. Don’t be slaves of your anger.

Featuring bhajans by Seema Ramchandani, enactments on the 3 ways to control anger followed by Dada JP Vaswani’s interesting Question & Answer session.

Some questions to which Dada gave interesting answers-
How should children react when elders make mistakes?
Is it necessary to live out our karmas? Is there a space for forgiveness?
How can we seek forgiveness on people who are no more?
Is the end of the world nearing?

Bridge Builders is the youth wing of the Sadhu Vaswani Mission established in the year 1992. With the motto, "Hope, Help, Heal" and the vision "To Live for others, not alone for self", the group carries out extensive activities in this direction like youth meet, seva activities, workshops and much more.