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Parth Saxena

Who are you?


Philosophy of Self and Soul

In an interview when asked "who are you?", Jiddu Krishnamurti said, "is that an important question? Or would you say, ‘Who am I’ – not who you are, who am I? And if I tell you who I am, what does it matter. It would be out of curiosity, wouldn’t it? It is like reading a menu at the window, you have to go into the restaurant and eat food"...


  • Datta Swami
    (Excerpt from Message of Shri Datta Swami)

    Triputi means the knowledge of three items. 1) The Lord, who is the goal 2) The path to please the Lord and 3) yourself. The true knowledge of these three items is 1) you should know that the Lord for a human being is always available in the human form and you can get complete benefit from such human form of the Lord only. You must also know the knowledge the characteristics of the Lord in human form to identify Him (Manusheem Tanumaasritam –...  more