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Karma Yeshe Rabgye

A Sense of Self


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In Buddhism, one of the most difficult teachings for people to understand is anatman or non-self. The doctrine states that in humans there is no permanent entity that can be called a self or a soul. This denial of “any Soul or Self” is what distinguishes Buddhism from other major religions, such as Christianity and Hinduism, and gives Buddhism its uniqueness.


  • Gurender Singh
    From the words of bhudda, It is denial of ego 'i' viz individuality, then he further proceeds to say that don't be attached to universal I as well in which whole of this universe rises up and settles down, because it stops one's own growth.

    Doing both of these steps with proper discrimination and with utter carefulness, one abides into bliss eternal, which is reality says mandukya upnishad.

    There is no uniqueness of bhudda, neither of upnishad, the goal is same, methods applied are different...  more