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Swami Samarpanananda

Detachment is the key


  • Gurender Singh
    Freedom in life Swamiji comes to the one,

    Who sees one truth in all and all in one truth.

    When self as ego dies off and whatever remains is the unity with existence owing to knowledge of truth.

    Then comes indifference swami ji,
    Because such selfless being sees everything as his or her own self,

    Whom to love and whom to reject?
    For everything becomes one without second.

    Sticking to deattachment only cannot help to taste supreme bliss but with deattachment knowledge that is teachings of...  more
  • Swami Samarpanananda
    I am talking about freedom in life. Yes, involvement kills.
  • Dariusz Hoffa
    No! What are you talking about? Are you crazy?