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Shri Ram Krishna Goswami


Revolutionary Thoughts and Ideas

If a question is put forward, What is Dharma the maximum answers would be HIndu, Christian,Muslim and the names of other religion. Is religion actual Dharma?

I am afraid No. Lord Krishna declared that he takes birth in every era at a space when atrocities and other criminal acts augment and eliminate the harmony of the society while the innocents suffer . In such scenario , Lord Krishna stated Yada Yada HI Dharmasya . HE arrives to establish Dharma (Righteousness) in the society by protecting the human rights of the society and punishing the evil forces i.e. "paritranaya sadhunaam vinashayacha Dushkritaam" .

Human Rights protection is the actual Dharma. At present, human rights are being transgressed. No one really cogitates upon it till the time one experiences the deplorable when pickpocket strikes or an antisocial element creates havoc affecting one's day to day life .A victim of a crime could be of any religion , a HIndu, a Muslim , a Sikh . When the weapon of crime strikes , it does not ask the caste , creed.

Establishing Righteousness in the society is Dharma and Yes the society is equally amenable to contribute towards ensconcing harmony in the society. Dharma emerges when Adharma i.e crime is demolished from the society.