Dr Ramesh Natu

Effect of Jalaukavacharana in the management of Vataraktawith special reference to Raynaud’s disease –A case study


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A case of 38 years old female diagnosed as a patient of Raynaud’s disease with no relief from modern medicine. The signs and symptoms of Raynaud’s disease were found similar to Vatarakta as per Ayurvedic literature. Due to changing life styles, dietary habits, excessive travelling and accidents, patients of Vatarakta are increasing rapidly. Vatarakta is one of the commonest life style disorder caused by vitiation of Rakta and Vata producing different types of signs and symptoms like joint pain, swelling, tenderness, redness and numbness etc. Acharya Shushruta has explained two types of Vatarakta - Uttan and Gambhir. When Strotodushti occurs in Tvacha and Mansa Dhatu called as Uttan Vata rakta and when it spread to all Dhatus it is called Gambhir Vatarakta. In this article a case of Vatarakta was thoroughly examined and treated with Jalaukavacharan and Shaman Aushadhi. Jaluaka was applied over the most tendered and painful site in for 20-25minutes. Same procedure repeated after alternate day for total period of 10 days. The patient got complete relief after 5 sitting of Jalaukavacharan. No recurrence and no complication found in the patient during the follow up period.