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Nishant Shukla

Emotional Intelligence: Is It For Me?


Alert: Highly Confronting and Direct Post

“Narendra Modi is the finest Prime Minister India ever got.”

Some will agree and some will disagree with this statement.

Just watch the emotions it triggers inside you:

- Anger
- Frustration
- Hate
- Ignore Nishant Shukla, he won’t understand
- Temptation to list down his mistakes
- Judgement: Howcome someone be so stupid to call him the best PM ever
- Conclusion: Modi is The Worst PM ever and Nishant is another useless, uneducated blind Bhakt
- Another conclusion: all his followers are communal, rowdy and they know nothing about economy, economics
- Another conclusion: His followers are blind “bhakts” who are good for nothing
- Projection: Country is going to be doomed under his leadership

For some it may be different kind of emotions:

- Extreme happiness: a sense of winning over haters
- Judgemebt: Yes, he is the best, and his haters are intellectuals who just sit in the comfort of their home and criticise Modi who is doing so much
- Conclusion: All the governments so far were utter useless
- Projection: It he goes away, the country again will fall in incapable hands
- Frustration: Why his haters can’t see all the good things he has done?

So here comes the BOOMER.

It is not Narendra Modi who is good or bad. He is just a trigger.

If you are feeling an extreme sense of reacting, that how can someone be so stupid,

If you are the one who is into all kinds of reading,

If you think you are a spiritual person,

and proudly assume yourself to be an intellectual,

Then, you got to introspect.
Take a deep breath and just observe all the emotions.

It’s a fantastic measure of anyone’s mental wellness. (And the toxicity one carries)

Do you feel worried or pissed off about the toxic culture at your workplace, society, or experience constant friction with your colleagues/family members?

So ask yourself - who is doing that?
Because it’s never outside, or OTHERS being toxic. It is just a reflection of who I AM.

Also, be present to the fact that when you talk about spirituality, intellect, knowledge and being a sorted person - is it really in the domain of ‘Being’? Or stuck at the knowing domain only?

Because those who are in ‘Being’ domain, will not get impacted by this post or any statement I made here 😊. Nothing is going to trigger inside them.
They will probably just laugh at it. That’s it, and move on 😊😊

Your emotions are an Indicator, it’s a sign that what level of self work you require.

That’s a sign of being a True Leader.
That’s called emotionalintelligence

BTW, nothing wrong in getting triggered, it doesn’t make you bad or inferior, however, if you really wish to experience freedom, work on your emotions.

And I am also WIP. I also experience triggers, I also Fail, at times I also feel frustration,


I CATCH myself. I am learning to be aware of myself. Self awareness is the first step.

So what emotions did you observe in yourself?