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Gurender Singh


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It is impossible to understand fully his play,

For My each Realization or Learning, whole universe and beyond took Form and Name in time as it is now & Within Such Form and Name Lies Others the rest, too as implied by word 'Universe', Realizing or learning Their own..

Oh How Powerful and Wise are you? I cannot Grasp, You are Perfect Planner,
You Project a Perfect Game and Impart Reality to It as it were.

When have you Started this? i see no Beginning,

You have taken my all fear away, I am not afraid of Anything, of No one,
You have taken my all anger, I am not at all Angry on Anyone, of No one,
You have taken my all Anxieties, I am not Anxious anymore,

Let this body Starve one day and die off, I am Pretty much excited to see you that day.
Let this all i see,hear,touch,smell,feel,perceive be good to itself, i ask nothing.

They say out loud that There is God, There is no God, Universe is Mere Coincidence, Universe is eternal non-eternal, They all only see your certain aspects, your full aspects are seen by none not even by me who wishes to see you very much But you have made it all possible, you are Cause of Causes indeed who sprang out Creator himself from your own self without moving Ordering to Creator to create, he Created, You then Your self came to teach Knowledge and Truth, You yourself killed those who became Deluded owing to their own actions for they asked for destruction, You then Took whole of this creation back to yourself and then you Settled on Highest mountain of this universe.

You are explained by countless, by countless ways, all owe to you.
I am Pretty much excited to see you that day.
Let this all, be good to itself, i ask nothing.