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Gurender Singh

Experience/Learning/Realization #2

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By your power of infinite will, which is very well recorded by wise ones in their subject matters,

Created All, after then creating human form, you manifested his/her own will in him or herself,
Therefore, to this day, only because of this reason,
People say,
"I will do as i 'will' or my will-power is weak or strong etc"

You owe to all,
Even to three,

You Created, Preserved and then destroyed by manifesting three forms,
Created 3 qualities in creation, Preserved using 3 qualities and destroyed 3 qualities,

If these three owe to you, what to say of others? Who are regulated by these 3?

You are in & out of your own Creation, None Escapes your sight, Your sight goes beyond sight of even mind let alone eyes,

You willed therefore you gave will, using the will I saw it.

Let anybody reject or accept as per their will, My everything owes to you.

I know you are merciful and ever-welcoming, you wait for a devotee to come,
it is indeed true.