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Gurender Singh

How should I see Brahman And get mukti?

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Drop everything,
Starting from your body as not you,
Then your desires, drop them,
Then your past inclinations, drop them,
Then your subtle impressions of memory drop them,
Then drop your indentity, as I am such and such,
Then drop even the dropping instrument called intellect,

Whatever remains is Brahman, the light in which,
Dropping instrument, your indentity, your subtle impressions of memory, your past inclinations, your desires your body, shines.

Whatever remains is infinite sky of awareness,
Which has no indentity of its own, but in that whole this universe come forth as names and forms having their seat in mind as memories and impressions.

It is sky of awareness, it is light of revealation, it has no quality of its own, it has no form, whatever is in it is that only, nothing part from its reach exists.

It is existence behind objects,
Like, space, which is reason for earth to exists, similarly it is the reason for space even to exists, it is existence, the screen on which everything is projected.

Whatever stops one to see his or her own real nature is ignorance, having roots in 'reality of universe' which further modifies into 'desires' thus giving rise to 'indentity' spearate from 'desireable objects' owing to 'past impressions' of 'mind'.

If root of mind is attacked with fire of knowledge, indeed reality of universe remains as suspensed subjected to laugh, for its reality is like mirror mirage or water mirage on roads of coal tar.

The self which one thinks to be, is not the self which one is, the self which one is, is hidden behind delusion of ignorance, it is pure awareness, it is pure awesomeness, it pure happiness, it pure joy, it is pure fun, it is highest status one can achieve, it is highest drug, it is highest high one can get,

So what's the wait ??
Be mad for it, be full of madness for it, it will only reveal itself within you, it will, then indeed fall in love with your own real self, thus then fall in love with whole universe, because universe is nothing but this very self, which is Brahman, not the self which is modification of ignorance.