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Gurender Singh

Reason of Suffering?

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Everyone say;
"ways of this world is in a direction, everyone has their own goals to be fulfilled"

But infact it is directionless with destiny unknown, like of actions done in deep sleep, The mind neglecting well-being runs to subjects of attachment only to be suffered later under delusion of pleasure.

He said;

Direction, i have found only in That, who is Truth, Who is Reality and abodement of true spiritual development.

'That' is Allah, reading this hindus may disagree,
'That' is Brahman, reading this muslims may disagree,
'That' is Shiva, reading this sikhs may disagree,
'That' is waheguru, reading this jains may disagree.

For sure,
People of present day world, who are part of organized-religion are departed from true spiritual development, present day temples are not the temples which taught about oneness which is but self-evident, neither are other pilgrimages.