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Hari Krishna

Story of a newly initiated Disciple

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A student after his elaborate study of the scriptures and initiation into sannyasa approached a senior monk for guidance and blessings.

The young monk asked the senior sannyasin: "Venerable Sir, teach me the method to reach the highest state of existence", the young monk was expecting a discourse upon Jnana yoga.

The senior sannyasin replied thus: Everyday approach your altar of worship and cry your heart out at the Lord's feet.


  • Hari Krishna
    @Gurender Singh : I am not qualified enough to speak about different yogas, but this is a real story from Swami Sarvapriyananda's life in Ramakrishna Mission.
  • Gurender
    Haha true,

    But such bhakti can only manifest when self control, knowledge of Brahman viz supreme truth and selfless actions are in place.

    Similarly, such gyaan can only manifest when self control,bhakti and selfless actions are in place.

    Hence my dear friend,
    These four truly goes hand in hand

    None is bigger than another or smaller than other.

    If someone says so,
    He or she lacks one or more of these four pre requisite values which only together bestows best results.