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Gurender Singh

The Right Attitude.

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The very thought that,
whatever i am into, is the path, is the spiritual path in an all, is wrong,
It is very well played trick of the mind to cover is weaknesses and sick attitude,

Nothing in life is gained without mental resolves and acts, how come result of True Spiritual Knowledge?
Which is liberation?

That very thought is the reason of countless sufferings,
Is reason of falls and slow growth of self,

If a person, who does crime won't be told to stop, he will continue doing them, and probably will make those crimes as one's own intrinsic habits, which again, is hard thing to get out of.

The only crime one does is to devoid/stop one's own self to know one's own true potential by playing countless tricks on one's own self, if such person says, whatever i am into is the path, is the spiritual path in an all, such person is surely bound to suffer a lot, rest all will be secondary but he or she himself or herself be the first reason of all the sufferings of various ways secured for self.

These very tongues degenerate the true spiritual teachings, it is harmful for themselves as well as to the listeners too, they not even cut themselves but listeners too.


  • Gurender Singh
    come to think of it,
    if a person, really would be taught the real yoga, he or she would escape that place as soon as possible for, it's against your wants, your attitude, your cleverness, it makes you stand straight while you wanting to lie down, may be it's all the fashion and fancy words and yes money that surrounds 'modern spirituality' makes people get into, all in all they learn less but suffer more.