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Gurender Singh

There is no duality in reality.

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When 'This' is in 'That' and when 'That' is in 'This',
There remains no This and That,
There remains only one,
This one is adobe of Truth and Strength,
This one is Essence of Real Spirituality,
This one is Courage and good will, Store-house of Virtue,
This one dispels all the hate, fills in the space with love,

To this one, a person should go else it is very hard to find a path in life to go by,
There is in fact no other path to go by,
Rest all but dances, wherever their mind force them to dance,
They try to hold the space by hands as it were when attaching objects of temporary nature to happiness and it's lose naturally to sadness,
They suffer, willingly by enormous ways as per their own actions,

But those who have eyes of knowledge to really see,
They suffer not while even dying,
They attach not their happiness to mere appearance of objects,

They have realized the essence of life,
The meaning of life,
They uphold truth,

With Truth, Strength, Fearlessness, Calmness, Contentment & Courage.