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Michael Beloved

Yoga / Happiness Denied


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What are the systems of enlightenment which clarify if the quest and hunger for happiness will ultimately take someone to a dead end with no happiness and with the understanding that happiness is a figment of one’s imagination, an unreal objective conjured in lesser minds?


  • Gurender
    Often, Eternal happiness is mistaken for as having "same nature of happiness obtained from objects" which is why, all the confusion.

    The Bliss of Enlightenment is Very Intense yet Calm to deepest extent, certainly not as "happiness obtained from objects".

    Moreover, the right path is to be walked upon to achieve it, one cannot say that all the paths down the street ends at same one shop from where i will get a certain chocolate.

    Edit: *Essence of Enlightenment*
    "I loathe this temporary...  more