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Vipassana Meditation Executive Course

Aug 13

Meditative Traditions

09:07 PM, Sat, August 13, 2022 — 09:07 PM, Sat, August 13, 2022


The technique of Vipassana meditation that is taught in Executive courses is identical to that taught in regular 10-day courses. The only difference is that in an Executive course there is an additional talk and two sets of questions and answers by Mr. Goenka, who was a businessman himself for many years. In these, he discusses using the principles of Vipassana to deal with the challenges and stresses of the business world.
Eligibility: Executives only


  • Parikshit Sachdev
    I've been trying to apply from very long time
    unfortunately it is not going through. sad is that no one is replying my email or even when I visit the centre people seem to be not interested and felt