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  • Nidhi

    What is the Purpose of Life?

    They say that a fool lives to eat and a wise man eats to live. But then the question remains: for what purpose does the wise man live? Living is not an end by itself. There has to be a purpose for man to live for. So what is this purpose?...
  • Nidhi

    INFO-GRAPHIC: Chart of the subtle Prana currents in the h...

    Info-graphic of the subtle Prana currents in the human body and their Chakras as whirling primary functional centres of energy...
    • Gokul Muthupandi

    Sadhu Arunachala of Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai, is a good example of perfect devotion to
    our Guru, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. Some twenty-five years ago the name and fame of Bhagavan Sri Ramana dragged him from England to India, and having come to Bhagavan’s Supreme Abode he never returned...
    • Bandhu
  • Nidhi

    #10 Daily Habits to Learn from Successful People

    To steer yourself onto the path of great success, you first need to have a routine of small but profoundly impactful habits...
  • Nidhi

    Sex and Spirituality: Misconceptions of Sex, Kundalini Aw...

    Living Enlightened Master Acharya Shree Yogeesh discusses sex and spirituality. He states that many westerners and new age thinkers have the misconception that sex leads to enlightenment and liberation. He says those from the east, like India, also have a misconception that it is a dirty topic or that it should never be discussed...
  • Nidhi

    INFO-GRAPHIC: Spiritual Brain Map

    As brain plays an integral part in the awakening of Kundalini, an info-graphic showcasing how and which part of brain is marked for each chakras...
    • Swarna Irig
    • shri dattaswami
    • Hari Krishna
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    • shri dattaswami
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  • Shradhey Shri Mridul Krishna Goswamiji's Shrimad Bhagwat ...

    Shri Mridul Krishna Goswamiji's recitation of this divine scripture coupled with heart touching bhajans and kirtans are such an attraction to devotees that one can sit for hours and connect with the Lord...
  • Approaching Death with Grace - Sadhguru

    During a memorial event in California, a seeker asks Sadhguru the best way to handle grief over the loss of a loved one. Sadhguru discusses how to approach...
    • Datta Swami
  • Vipassana Meditation Executive Course

    • Parikshit Sachdev
  • Nidhi

    "Time is the seed of universe"

    Ved Vyasa quote on time...
    • Gurender