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Aakanksha Jha

Can taking massive doses of herbal supplements enhance an altered state of consciousness within our minds?

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  • Ankur Jain
    while consiousness remains the same .. with whatever we eat we change the temporary relationship between our mind , sence organs and consiousness. for ecample if we drink alcolhol we can quickly change this relationship , if wr eat too mcuh we can change this relationship over a periof of time. this anything we conaume has its own properties .. which we reffet to as samskara .. its like sunglasses. once we put them in we see the world with their color .. the world foes not change but our...  more
  • Gurender Singh
    No Akansha, it will not alter conciousness which is unchanging but it will alter your intellect which has quality of intelligence, it can alter it in negative way for sure ..
  • Hari Krishna
    consciousness cannot be altered, it ever shines as the seer of ephemeral experiences. Massive doses of herbal supplements or any drugs will only distort the physiological ability to tune up with the world.