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Ravi Chandran

Invitation for discussion

Well, I would not like to pose any question. Having posted several articles on Bhagavad Gita , I wish to engage in deliberations and share perspectives with Partha, Pooja, Shamini, Harshit, Anil , Ashish, Subroto, Amlan,Sachi and my dear friends out there in the horizon of Ceekr. I would like to know your views about the significance of the sacrosanct scripture Bhagavad Gita. What impact can it make in one's day to day life ?

I certainly assert that Bhagavad Gita can transform lives. Its spiritually scientific. Whether its personality development or management of an organization, the adherence of principles of Bhagavad Gita would make a human being complete. I said human being. I did not take the name of any religion. In Bhagavad Gita, there is not a mention of the word Hindu. Lord Krishna while enunciating the maxims stated Manushya or Maanav. Human kind or Human race .

The veracity gets distorted when somebody molds the teachings according to his own whims and fancies and vested interests. Many eminent scholars extolled Bhagavad Gita to be the text for mankind. Right from Einstein to present administrators such as E. Sreedharan , the metro man who emphasizes upon Karma Yoga.
I would like to garner your views. Let us discuss and propagate. Our consonance would change irrational beliefs prevalent in the society. Let us try to bring about substantial change .
I am pretty optimistic of reciprocal from all of you.
Yours truly.


  • Gurender
    Ravi ji, I appreciate your faith towards lord in the form of Krishna.

    May he in this form, will show you his formlessness I pray.

    And to everyone too, who with clean heart contemplate on him with whatever form in mind.
  • Ravi Chandran
    Gurender Singhji,
    Thanks for reciprocating. I am elated while observing that gradually people are getting inclined towards spirituality. I wish to interact with every one in the group so that more knowledge can be disseminated and also gathered.
    Call everyone and let us build a family devoted towards Krishna . Krishna is not just a deity, HE is consciousness. HE is omnipresent and hence HE is in you too GurenderJI. Greetings to the LORD inside you. GOD Bless
  • Gurender
    True Ravi ji,
    Gita is a book, which has all the wisdom of upnishads molded into one.

    Starting from what to do, how to do to realization, it covers it all.

    Indeed it is book for humans for benefit of getting released, for liberation, that's what it stands for.

    In Gita, gyaan yoga is explained, which eradicate ones own ignorance, bhakti yoga is explained which evolves ones faith, Raj yoga is explained which matures ones own concentration, karma yoga is explained, which purifies ones own...  more