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Is emotional detachment a cure for anxiety and depression?

Relationships and Bonds


  • Datta Swami
    Spiritual Solution for Tensions and Anxiety (Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami)

    Realization and repeated memorization of the true knowledge is the only one solution for this problem. The ignorance is responsible for all anxiety & tensions. One should know that every one has climbed the time (Kala), which is the running train. Death is the station at which one has to get down. Then every one should face Lord for enquiry.

    After enquiry one will get either permanent happiness or permanent...  more
  • Gurender
    Nonono, emotional deattachment will make you dead from inside shachi, emotions are important part of human .. instead of isolating from them, understand them, manage them, know them well, and use them to impress your loved ones by showing qualities like kindness and compassion? :-D
  • Hari Krishna
    Moksha is the only cure
  • Viswanathan
    Shachi excellent question. Like Jaishree Goyal wrote " Well, anything that does not come naturally is not a good idea."

    More we are attached, more we suffer.

    Attachment in whatever form is bondage.

    Detachment does not mean indifference.

    It only means freedom.


    Chanakhya wrote in Arthashastra,

    “There is no misery like attachment. There is no happiness like...  more
  • Jaishree Goyal
    Well, anything that does not come naturally is not a good idea.