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Parth Saxena

Is there a life after death?

Traditional Philosophies, Principle and Practices


  • shri dattaswami
    3) The next immediate world above the Bhū loka is called Dyu loka. It is also called as Jyotirloka or Bhuvarloka. Souls who have done social service for fame on this earth, reach this world. In this world, the soul gets a body, which is like a little bright light and is called a jyotiḥ śarīra. Food is supplied to these bodies from the cosmic energy. This world lies is between Bhū Loka and the sun.

    4) Above this second world, exists the Suvarloka or Svarga Loka starting from the globe of...  more
  • shri dattaswami
    After death, the individual soul (jīva) enters an energetic subtle body and reaches the immediate upper sub-world called Preta Loka. There the soul waits for ten days for the inquiry of its deeds by God. During this period, its subtle body gets food from cosmic energy. Individual souls have different shades in their energetic bodies based on their qualities and deeds done.

    The first world, Bhū Loka, is subdivided into four sub-worlds called Martya Loka, Preta Loka, Naraka Loka and Pitṛ...  more
  • Hari Krishna
    A flower dies to give birth to a fruit, fruit decays to seeds and then the seed grows into a tree
  • Gurender
    As per law of karma established by reasoning, yes there is, cycles of birth and deaths for a soul.