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Isn't the mind the source of our sanity?

Sensory Consciousness


  • Ankur Jain
    If there is no mind .. what will go insane 🤣...
  • Prof T K Govindan Namboodhiri
    Mind is the source of our human nature. No other creatures can think like humans. But this mind has to be controlled by its upper half or intellect, which discriminates between good & bad.
  • Hari Krishna
    As the mind, so the man... single pointedness of mind is what makes us sane
  • Gurender Singh
    Mind is everything, sanity as well as insanity, good as well as bad, all the pair of opposites, the question is not what is mind, but the point to be meditated upon is that, you are awareness different from this very mind shining upon it, giving its various subjects a existence.

    When such firm realization is gained, mind falls back from state of anxiety to total peace, mind becomes transparent, then the natural state of one's own self shines forth, which is calmness and bliss.
  • Ankur Jain
    Mind by itself is only a material device just like a computer. It has storage and decision making fuctions. By itself it is nothing. If mind is used by our consciousness it becomes a boon and if the mind is used by our sences alone then it can become a curse.

    One’s mind can be one’s friend or foe. If we are aware of our mind, what it thinks and what it’s preoccupations are and if we can tame our mind then it is our fiend. Then it is an instrument in our hands and we can use it to...  more
  • Viswanathan
    Hindu scriptures ask us to go above mind to attain peace.

    Four states of mind or consciousness are:

    Jagruti -------the waking state of mind
    Swapna----------- the dreaming state of mind
    Shushupti ---------The deep sleep state of mind
    Turiya -------------The state beyond mind.

    When someone enters the Turiya state everything becomes one and person will transcend duality feelings of hot and cold, happiness and unhappiness etc.

    • Lord Krishna said: " Those who have control over the mind,...  more
  • Ralph Maver
    The soul, which is God's part and parcel, is the source of sanity.
  • Ralph Maver
    No. The mind is the source of our suffering or bliss depending on how well we control it.
  • Aviraj Khare
    Very true.
    An it is a source of insanity too!