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Subrajyoti Duarah

Jainism teaches nothing except that our soul is our own. Is patriotism for India a sin of 'aparigraha' in Jainism since it's of mental possession or a feeling of one's nation as their own nation? Can it be considered a kind of 'shubh bhav'?

Thought, Emotions and Actions


  • Gurender Singh
    @shri dattaswami:

    I get what you shared but i think, two arguments refutes your theories, which are:

    If soul is inert energy, how come inert thing produces awareness which is not inert?
    do we see existence springing from non-existence? or 1 manifesting from 0?

    If you say, in deep sleep, awareness becomes inert energy, then as per you, there shall be no experience for the waker who wakes up from inert energy having awareness, but certainly people do say, "i experienced...  more
  • shri dattaswami
    There are two theories about the soul. In one theory the soul is eternal. This is correct because if you take the soul (awareness) as inert energy in its basic form, energy is eternal. The eternality of the soul is proved in deep sleep since life continues due to the existence of inert energy as the heat in the human body. Due to this inert energy alone, all the systems in the human body are functioning and the life is maintained in the body.

    Deep sleep indicates the co-functioning of two...  more
  • Ankur Jain
    When we say something is ours or we belong to something that could mean two things. One a sence of responsibility as in this is my country or my street and I must keep it clean or this is my friend I must help them. This feeling is essence of DHARMA. As our consciousness expands the feeling of what all I am responsible for expands and we can see how our actions are connected to the entire universe.

    The second feeling of belonging or “this is mine” is about possession or a sence or...  more