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Subrajyoti Duarah

Jainism teaches nothing except that our soul is our own. Is patriotism for India a sin of 'aparigraha' in Jainism since it's of mental possession or a feeling of one's nation as their own nation? Can it be considered a kind of 'shubh bhav'?

Thought, Emotions and Actions


  • Ankur Jain
    When we say something is ours or we belong to something that could mean two things. One a sence of responsibility as in this is my country or my street and I must keep it clean or this is my friend I must help them. This feeling is essence of DHARMA. As our consciousness expands the feeling of what all I am responsible for expands and we can see how our actions are connected to the entire universe.

    The second feeling of belonging or “this is mine” is about possession or a sence or...  more