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Jazzmina Moore

Theme 1: Love

Aloha Connect + Cultivate,

I wanted to get our group started with a discussion on Love as our first theme. I will offer themes complete with questions, quotes and articles centered around that theme to generate meaningful discussions. Please post responses in the comments section of each post.

Is love the purpose of life?

What role does love play in your life?

Are you capable or working towards loving unconditionally?

What obstacles are there that prevent you from loving without condition?

I look forward to reading your responses!
~ In gratitude 🙏🏽 your moderator, Jazzmina


  • Jazzmina Moore
    Wow! what an interesting and insightful conversation 🙌🏽 Thank you both for taking time for this discussion 🙏🏽
  • Gurender
    Nikhil Bhola:
    Thank you, All glories goes to our teachers, who researched and brought it forth my friend I am always up for discussions which can yield results benefiting both side.
  • Nikhil Bhola
    Gurender Singh Thankyou for putting forward such a neat explanation...I really appreciate your knowledge in this domain...🙏
  • Gurender
    astrology's science has it's base/roots in 'resultant' of yogic practices as well.

    it is very interesting science for sure indeed,
    But prone to exploitation, extreme exploitation and alteration in present.

    I hope, it helped you to get around it's concept? if any more questions would love to answer
  • Gurender
    @[15:Nikhil Bhola] :
    Sure, For this, lets dig into what astrology is,

    Astrology is science, which predicts or analyze state of mind of a person based on "planets" these planets are nothing but qualities of mind gained mainly via past experience of world and actions done.

    Each experience leaves a 'impression' on mind, in the sense that,
    "I enjoyed a ride, now enjoying that ride leaves a impression in my mind of that 'ride to be good' owing to which i come back for the same ride again"...  more
  • Nikhil Bhola
    Gurender Singh What a phenomenal answer ... I really liked the logic of astrology in matrimony decision making...but I would also like to understand from you that is astrology enough to decide the fate of a married couple... I have seen couples who married against astrology matchmaking results and are leading a lovely life and there are also couple who got good matchmaking results but pretty soon end up in separation... Kindly throw some light on why this happens...
  • Gurender
    Excellent points by Our mod Jazzmina and Nikhil,

    I do agree that loving unconditionally may appear hard at a time, because our mind always seeks for a lover, it is prolonged wait for that one special, who may come to our life, may light up our life, may make us happy, may give us support and care emotionally and physically.

    Who does not want good romantic time in his or her own life? which can be counted as unforgettable memory? everyone does, it is the experience to the best core we seek,...  more
  • Nikhil Bhola
    I think the biggest obstacle in not being able to love unconditionally is We Start Expecting...
    I think 50-50 doesn't work in relationships, it's not a business deal where you are just putting forward your best 50%.
    One should not look at love & relationships as tit for tat, it never works...
    Start by taking the first step yourself without expecting... Trust me, you might experience some delay from the other end but the delay will be worth it...as your partner will now take this step because...  more
  • Jazzmina Moore
    I'll get this discussion started:

    I do believe that Love can be seen as the central purpose in life. What is more important than love?

    Love plays a huge role in my life. At the root of all my actions is love. I have longed for love, I have embraced love whenever I've had the opportunity to do so. I searched for romantic love and feel that it is at the heart of my life.

    I know I am capable of loving unconditionally and I am actively working towards that end.

    I believe the obstacles to...  more