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Rakesh Thampy

What is the reason behind calling Bhagavad Gita as “Moksha Shastra” in Hinduism?

Indian and Hindu Texts


  • Gurender
    @danakeli dasi,

    I must say your knowledge is harmful, for you see difference in one Brahman, one supreme truth, which is formless,

    You see it as three viz soul, Vishnu and Krishna, your understanding is against the srutis itself.

    Any understanding against sruti is false and should not be acceptable.

    Even Krishna said,
    Having attached with falsehood, one suffers.

    He said,
    " I am formless residing in heart of all " too.

    Upnishads says,

    " There is but one soul residing in heart of all...  more
  • Danakeli dasi
    Moksha means "liberation." The human life is meant for achieving liberation from the cycle of birth & death.

    There are different levels of moksha, though. The first level--referred to by some as brahma-nirvana, or sayujya, or "merging into the One"--is achieved by transcendental knowledge, or realizing oneself to be spirit rather than a product of matter. That is, one realizes their nature as conscious soul which is eternal, cognizant & free from suffering. Thus one goes beyond the temporary...  more
  • Gurender
    It very well explains everything in few slokas that is why.

    Else upnishads goes up to 500 slokas and Vedas to countless Slokas haha