Fundamental Thought
Subrajyoti Duarah

Why do most atheists accept a "loopholed" theory of the Big Bang and disown creationism, when they're both just as believable?

Principles of Evolution


  • Gurender Singh
    I was once into science very much in my past, trust me big bang has very less proofs for it to be truth, trust me.
    Plus majority of science runs on hypothesis, good use of imagination I must say, but lesser convicing answers and less truth which is provable.

    Well, subrajyoti, it depends,
    If I talk from standpoint of my gurus words and my own experience, is also not acceptable, since dream is never a separate creation in itself during deep sleep, so is Maya of same nature,...  more
  • Hari Krishna
    Advaita rejects the idea of creation, the ajata-vada school championed by great sages like Vyasa himself propounds that nothing have ever emerged or created or modified out of the Absolute reality. The only maya is the apparent superimposition of nama-roopa (names and forms) upon the Absolute Self which is ever one without a second (pure/shuddah)
    I am seeking the same answer?