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Seema Singh

GURU POORNIMA ~ At Dhyan Ashram

One Time
Jul 16

05:30 AM, Tue, July 16, 2019 — 05:30 AM, Tue, July 16, 2019

Dhyan Ashram - New Delhi


9999183378/ 88265646

A Guru is a shakti (energy) which needs to be accessed by the shishya and once that energy is accessed the experiences follow, which indicate that you have found your Guru. Guru mahima is anant,akhand,it is not possible to sum even a fraction of it in limited time and space.

Guru Poornima is an extremely powerful day, merely being in your Guru's presence can have amazing effects on your evolution and give phenomenal experiences of the inner world.

Gurupoornima (July 16th 1.48am to July 17th 3.08am IST)

On this auspicious day Yogi Ashwini ji would be teaching ~ How to give Protective Shield with a Yagya ~ at Dhyan Ashram and centers worldwide.

July 16 - 6pm sharp (IST)

For the above need to know ~ How to do Yagya ~ There will be a session for the same on Sunday,
July 14 at 4.00pm sharp (IST) before the
~ Ram Chanting Session ~ with Yogi ji (6pm IST)

To attend:

1) Protective shields with Yagya
2) How to do Yagya
3) Ram chanting

Please specify and register at
9999183378/ 8826564608.