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Vishwas Healing Centre

Hypnotherapy Course Delhi India

One Time
Jun 26

12:00 AM, Sat, June 26, 2021 — 12:00 AM, Sat, July 3, 2021

25/30, Babaji Complex, Opposite Central Hospital, Tilak Nagar

[email protected]


Integrated Hypnotherapy & PLR training program helps you in:
1.) Developing the capacity to have more fulfilling relationships.
2.) Making more effective use of your talents & abilities.
3.) Overcoming Fertility Issues.
4.) Overcoming menstrual disorders .
5.) Maintaining a realistically based sense of self-esteem.
6.) Tolerating a wider range of emotions of the other people you face in your life.
7.) Having better emotional management.
8.) Overcoming depression & anxiety issues.
9.) Overcoming your psychosexual problems.
10.) Understanding self & others in more better & meaningful ways.
11.) Face life’s challenges with greater freedom & flexibility.
12.) Overcoming fears in intimacy.
13.) Overcoming sleep related problems including nightmares & night terrors.
And Many More
Address 2 core life issues through PLR.
Date:- 26th June’21
Fees:- Rs 18000
For details & registration call or whatsapp @ 9899201645, 9911401645
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