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Eyes Wide Open - Buddhist Instructions on Merging Body and Vision by Will Johnson


Mind and Body Practices

Publisher : Inner Traditions; 1 edition (April 11, 2016)
ISBN : 978-1594770005
Paperback : 98 pages
About : Drawing on the story of the seventh-century Chinese monk Shenxiu, Will Johnson offers meditation exercises to create a mind like a mirror, cleansing it of obscuring layers of worry and emotion to literally see things as they are, not just how we perceive them to be. He explains how to awaken your body to the sensations we learn to ignore when we lose ourselves in thought and tense ourselves in ways that stifle the body’s vibrancy. He offers meditative techniques to silence the projections of the mind and enter into a condition of ecstatic mindfulness. He details gazing practices, such as sky gazing, eye gazing, and mirror gazing, to cleanse our vision and remove whatever is distorting our perceptions...