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Pooja Ahuja

Kripalu Yoga: Meditation-In-Motion - Book II: Focusing Inward by Yogi Amrit Desai


Awakening of Consciousness

Publisher: Kripalu Yoga Fellowship; spriral-bound edition (January 1985)
ISBN: 978-0940258167
Paperback / Hardcover: 120 pages
About: Just as the purpose of Zen archery is not merely to hit the target; the purpose of the martial arts not just to overcome the enemy; and the purpose of koans not just to find the answer; so also in Kripalu Yoga the purpose of the practice of postures is not merely to perfect the postures or obtain their physical benefits. Rather it is to use them as a powerful tool to transcend the limitations of the ego-minded and to awaken the mysterious power of prana.' This volume is the second on a series on Kripalu Yoga, a radically new approach to traditional yoga practice, created by Yogi Amrit Desai in 1970. The first volume gave an overview of Kripalu Yoga theory because understanding this theory is the key to successful practice of Kripalu Yoga, which is discussed in this second volume. Here in Book II, Yogi Desai describes the techniques for gradual awakening of prana through the medium of traditional hatha yoga postures and pranayama, and also a unique method of incorporating the more advanced practices and raja yoga into the practice of hatha yoga...