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Meditation and Mindfulness
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Pooja Ahuja

Meditation for Busy People: Stress-Beating Strategies for People with No Time to Meditate by Osho


Meditation Basics

Publisher: Osho International; Reissue edition (30 October 2014)
ISBN: 978-1938755811
Paperback / Hardcover: 166 pages
About: Meditation for Busy People offers simple strategies to reduce tension, minimize chronic stress, and quickly relax and unwind. Nobody needs meditation more than people who have no time to meditate. These busy people may have tried meditation but given it up, as it seems so difficult to integrate into a hectic lifestyle. Most traditional meditation techniques were developed thousands of years ago for people living a very different lifestyle than today. Few people today find it easy to just sit down and relax. Meditation for Busy People is filled with methods that can actually be integrated into everyday life...