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Yoga: Sambhavnaon ko sambhav banayein

Philosophy of YogaYoga for WellbeingAsanasPranayama

Publisher: Anshika Prakashan
ISBN number: 9789381145135
Paperback: 128 Pages
About: Creation of Yoga has been an important milestone in the history of mankind. Its purpose is to eliminate the sorrows of the human. In this entire world, Yoga is the only scientific method to get rid of all Bhautik, Daivik and Adhyatmik woes (Dukhs) of the human being. Any kind of fear due to living being, enemy, and dangerous & poisonous animals are Bhautik Dukh. Fear of loss due to any natural calamities are Daivik Dukh. Finally, any woes originated from mental and physical agonies are Adhyatmik Dukh. Since ages, mankind has been trying to eliminate these woes by engaging in superficial activities, but all in vain. Yoga is the only scientific approach to cure these Dukh. Yoga has been used to cure many diseases such as diabetes, constipation, heart-related diseases, hypertension, and many more lifestyle-related diseases. This book provides an overview of some important Asanas using which you can resolve your issues and fulfill your responsibilities with full vitality and confidence. Yoga Techniques covered in this book will help you to concentrate and become more efficient. It will also help you to improve personal, professional and social aspects of your life.