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 'Disha Udumbara' Pooja Bansal

Why we cannot digest truth? 'Disha Udumbara' | Pooja Bansal | Dynamic Reiki | Hindi - YouTube


Why truth is so powerful but still we always fear from listening truth about ourselves. What is the reason behind so much fear of not accepting truth about o...


  •  'Disha Udumbara' Pooja Bansal
    Thank you Gurender ji..apke views jaan ke acha laga..
  • Gurender Singh
    Disha ji,
    I totally appreciate your stand here which is with good intention.

    Par ek baat hume smjni chahiye,
    Purani pidi and nayi pidi, dono mein kaafi differences bhale hi ho but ek similarity hai, woh similarity kya hai?

    Of ignorance and arrogance.

    Both new and old generations have failed to understand something called 'life' in its truest essence, so being said this, we should know purani pidi bi itni smjdhaar nahi rahi of which is resultant 'new directionless generation'.

    ye problem...  more