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Are there logical explanations given for not eating meat in the Upanishads or Vedas?

Traditions, Beliefs and Practices


  • Datta Swami
    (Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami)

    The modern medical education recommends the natural proteins in vegetables to be better for health than the synthesized proteins in the animal flesh. Science is the principle of nature, which indicates the will of God because nature is creation of God only.

    Hindu Manusmruti says that the greatest justice is not to kill any living being (Ahimsaa paramodharmah…).

    Veda says to kill the animal nature present in yourself but not the actual animal in...  more
  • Gurender
    @hari Krishna
    I am not saying you are non vegetarian ..
    Neither I am saying anyone to be vegetarian who wants to eat meat anyway.

    It is just,
    In my answer, to your response on this, I tried to show the Essence of path, one has to take, to establish unity, so one's own life may turn into wonderful blissful experience.
  • Hari Krishna
    @Gurender Singh, I am vegetarian. what made you assume i eat meat?
  • Gurender
    @hari krishna,
    Oh my friend,
    Does not talking about Krishna and then at the same time, eating meat hurts your conscience, does it not hurt your knowledge ? Does it not limit your vision?

    Think on it, it must hurt deeply in heart, it must.
  • Gurender
    Yes of course it is always logical.

    For a seeker,
    Who wants to establish unity of all, tell.me, will he or she see a animal being cut for himself or herself ?

    Will that same person tries to hurt anyone by having bad intentions or will he or she try to cultivate kindness and humility ?

    Nidhi, tell me,
    Can you keep on hating and loving your mother at the same time?

    No, you have to choose one,
    So, to reach unity,
    One has to forsake such activities, which are contradictions to prescribed...  more
  • Hari Krishna
    The only law that made sense to me is that whatever we eat must not give a disgust feeling if we look at it in its raw form.