Pooja Ahuja

Is death the actual moksha?



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  • Hari Krishna
    death of the ego - yes
    death of the body - no
  • Ankur Jain
    Moksha referee to a state where the spirit and or atma and or consciousness (as you may like to call it) is free from all material cycles. Death only means that the material which is attached to the body is no more sustainable and thus the spirit or atma or consciousness leaves leaves it. This consciousness or “being” will find another body and will carry with it all the defects and material cycles. It will again go around the cycle or same misfortunes :: if it’s made money then lost...  more
  • Gurender Singh
    Depends, let me answer in twofold way,

    If you talking about death of body, then no, it is transmigration of soul from just one body to another owing to karmas.

    If you are talking about death of ignorance, death of Maya, death of not knowing truth, then yes it is moksha because Moksha is liberation, from what ? From primordial ignorance, which leads to self realization.

    So practice, seek, learn
  • Viswanathan
    No. Not at all.

    Death is a new beginning.

    Death is never considered as the end of journey.

    It is only the end of the perishable body.

    After that the immortal soul (Atman) takes another body and this cycles of birth and death continues until the person attains Self Realization.

    Lord Krishna said:

    “Just as a person puts on new garments after giving up old ones, similarly, the soul (Atman) secures new bodies after giving up old bodies.”

    Lord Krishna said:

    “Arjuna, birth and...  more