What are the pre-requisites for reading and understanding the Vedas?

Indian and Hindu Texts


  • Hari Krishna
    Sama - Control over mind (treating thoughts as guest, not identifying with them) , Dama - control over senses through mind control (not indulging too much), Uparama - is that which enables the mind and sense organs that are thus restrained by Shama and Dama to stay focused,
    Tithiksha - accepting dualities such as pain/pleasure etc with equal mind
    Sraddha - Having faith in the scriptures and words of the guru, which are logical and reasonable to you
    Samadhanam - single pointed mind
  • Gurender Singh
    Steady and calm mind free from all the distractions with high will power and true dedication.

    Moreover, the most important thing, faith, which in future will turn into knowledge and burning desire to know truth.

    More importantly,
    Sanskrit to some extent haha

    However, there is no need to read whole of Vedas, Vedas is huge store, you just choose the right part for yourself which will be of course be guided by your master if any.