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Yoga in Daily Life by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati


Yoga for Wellbeing

Publisher: Yoga Publications Trust/Munger/India (August 19, 2012)
ISBN: 978-9381620236
Paperback / Hardcover: 81 pages
About: I do not consider yoga as just a practice,rather,in Niranjana Yoga Samhita',yoga is grouped into four categories:practice,sadhana,lifestyle and culture.This is how I see yoga asa practice.I see yoga as a lifestyle and I see yoga as a culture.This is the progression of yoga" The Yogadrishti (Yogavision) series of satsangs consists of discourses given by Swami Nirnajanananda Saraswati in Munger as part of the new phase of sannyasa life that he has embarked upon since 2009. The theme of the satsangs Swamiji gave in August 2011 at Ganga Darshan Vishwa Yogapeeth was Yoga in daily life. Swamiji spoke on the purpose of yoga in one's life and the practical integration of the various systems for body,mind and spirit.He gave a detailed description of the yoga capsules that everyone can include in their daily life. Swamiji elucidated the spiritual sciences and traditions in a classical and deep yet light manner,bringing to life the insight and wisdom of the ancient seers and scriptures...