Pooja Ahuja

Why did God send us to Earth in the first place if he wants all living creatures to attain moksha to come out from their life circle (as per Bhagavad Gita)?

Existential Inquiry


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  • Hari Krishna
    The Shiva-Shakti is one of the pillars of Hindu mysticism and symbolism. Philosophically the 'Shiva' or the Man lying under the Woman (Kali) represents the Absolute Changeless Substratum for the whole universe, and the Woman or 'Kali', represents the creative tendency (creatrix) and all that is created - the world of perpetual change.

    Even though they are depicted as opposite genders, they are never separate. The inherent tendency of the Absolute Self or Reality (Shiva) to express as the...  more
  • Viswanathan
    excellent question Pooja:

    Like Rohit Verma wrote, God did not send anyone anywhere.

    All of us took birth due to the karmic debt we inherited from our last life.


    Lord Krishna said:

    “God does not decide what each person should do, nor he induce people to act, nor does he create fruits of any action.

    Each person acts according to his/her Vasanas (Past and present perceptions of mind). ”

    ( Bhagavad Gita Chapter...  more
    God didn't send anyone anywhere. Its us or we do as a result of our own desires and karma.