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Pooja Ahuja

Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Haridwar - Message God is Everywhere


Devotion and Salvation

A story of Guru Nanak Dev Ji with the message of omnipresence of God...


  • Gurender Singh
    Guru Nanak dev ji was the one, who taught followers of hinduism about the hinduism itself, that "God is everywhere".

    There was a time when rituals were devoid of knowledge of truth and practiced blindly, when guru nanak dev ji stepped forward to burn all the ignorance.

    Much of it is needed now but will people listen?
    Guru Granth sahib ji was written for well being of humanity,
    So was Gita, more prior Upnishads.
  • Nitin Bhola
    Satnam Shri wahe guru...🙏